A Modern ELL Educator’s Blog

I’m a life-long Rhode Islander, ESL/EFL/ELL educator with a decade of teaching experience, and tech nerd. In 1996, I wrote my first webpage on AOL Pages. Today my tech interests have progressed to topics like blended learning, green screen videos, 3D Printing and Making. My key interests over the years have remained implementing strategic use of technology and helping adult learners transition to college.

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of travelling and teaching around the world: to South Korea, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and also working in London, UK. Thanks to my Eastern Europe background, I learned to travel independently while young and boarded my first flight by myself when I was ten. I’ve experienced the internationalization of education personally and know the possible heights and pitfalls.

Having taught over fifty different nationalities, I learned my own culture through the eyes of my learners. With my international experience came the belief that technology transcends cultural and psychological barriers to learning, helping learners and teachers interact with greater efficiency and authenticity. While technology is invaluable in the classroom, it will never replace good teaching; but good teachers will use technology to augment their practice!

This is a hybrid personal/professional blog that I plan to eventually expand-currently it’s used as my sandbox and blog.