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Chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs


10 ways to use Google Slides in classroom

10 ways to use Google Slides in classroom:

#GAFE from #GoogleEduOnAir

#GoogleEduOnAir “Tools from Google” for the Admin Tool Belt–how to for migrating from Exchange to Google.


New GAFE Add-on: Keywords

This app allows the teacher to create a list of keywords that appear to the right hand side of text (or images and charts) in a Google Doc. So while the student is reading on left, the keywords appear on right. Useful applications include research, adding notes/structure to a reading that’s above reading level, and others as suggested on blog post here.

Google Classroom & GAFE Strategies

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Google Apps Admin Best Practices with @amplifiedIT and #GoogleEduOnAir Great presentation by Peter Henrie!

GoogleEduOnAir Mantra

Stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. Start asking “What problems do you want to solve when you grow up?” #GoogleEduOnAir


Watching #GoogleEduOnAir , #NoChildLeftOffline needs to be a new Twitter campaign

Unsure about Sharing Permissions?

duckworth sharing small

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Excited for #BWDLT growth

Thanks all #BWDLT members, excited to see what you will create!! And I’ve already heard of one Chromebook initiative–I hope they keep coming!