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Very Clever, Mr. Five Words

sentence variety

RT @JonnyGeller “How to Write in a Few Sentences – very clever (via @LettersOfNote)”

Deeply Superficial Wordplay

standard differentite

Truth by analogy

Accuracy Level: Astonishing. Pin by WeAreTeachers on Teacher Humor | Pinterest

Stages of Teacher Confidence

RT @rkiker “RT 4 Stages of Teacher Confidence in the Use of Tech by @ICTEvangelist #Edtech #edchat #FutureReady”

Suddenly adults

RT @justintarte “We ask 18 yos to make huge decisions, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom.”

Communication: Know your Audience

RT @APSPhysiology “#SciComm words to live by: “Get to the Point Early” – Evonne Kaplan-Liss of the @AldaCenter”



RT @SandraAFlanagan “Where did all my important tax documents go? Oh…   @Gizmodo”

GAFE Summit, Coventry

#gafesummit @PearDeck #SLAM !! Winner can draw their face when they win a free premium Pear Deck Subscription