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Oppose Fast Track the TPP

“Call Senator Wyden right now and ask him to oppose Fast Track for the TPP! (202) 224-5244”

TPP & Net Neutrality

@lessig Oppose Fast Track the TPP to keep internet free and trade negotiations open.Call @RonWyden (202) 224-5244 now, staff are answering

stop tpp

Wikimedia sues NSA

RT @TechCrunch “Wikimedia Sues NSA Over Mass Surveillance   by @riptari”

Net Neutrality Ruling HERE!

BREAKING: FCC votes to pass new #NetNeutrality rules, protecting an open Internet

Final push for Net Neutrality

@McConnellPress whose side are you on? #TeamInternet or #TeamCable? Ask the FCC for Title II reclassification! #netneutrality

Net Neutrality Tweet

Look! It’s Senator @ronwyden on our billboard in front of the FCC talking about #NetNeutrality #FCCBillboard

RT @WhiteHouse #NetNeutrality

RT @WhiteHouse “It’s time to keep the internet open and free.” #NetNeutrality is winning!!″

#FCC robocaller

@EFF The pressure is working! Keep calling the #FCC using a robocaller

President Obama, Net neutrality & Title II

We’re winning! The President agrees, the way to protect net neutrality is via Title II reclassification. Video:

#FCC #internet4schools

Hey @FCC – #internet4schools matters via @KleinErin - @All4Ed