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The Guardian & Snowden

RT @wikileaks “Guardian got $700k for ‘Snowden’ film rights. Gave $0 towards #Snowden’s defence.  … #NSA #WikiLeaks”

Unsure about Sharing Permissions?

duckworth sharing small

RT @AnnBruckerTIS “Love this Google sharing permissions graphic by @sylviaduckworth! @BPSTIS”

Wikimedia sues NSA

RT @TechCrunch “Wikimedia Sues NSA Over Mass Surveillance   by @riptari”

Post-Snowden: Privacy is Changing

RT @TechCrunch “Pew finds one-third of Americans have made privacy changes, post-Snowden  ”

Who does student data belong to?

RT @isteconnects “A 5-minute plea to make student data over-the-counter”

Surveillance Reform in 2015

Ring in 2015 with Surveillance Reform! RT @TechCrunch “Google Claims 2015 Will Be A “Moment” For Surveillance Reform”

Verizon Tracking

@VerizonWireless: says you are not tracking me. Thanks for not violating my privacy. Don’t start. Tweet this!

Verizon has a history of disregarding customer’s right to privacy. If you’ve heard about the Apple iCloud hack, these stories about Verizon’s perma-cookies to tracking of customer’s movements for advertisers should be a concern-not just for privacy advocates but anyone who uses the web.