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Proficiency based learning

“With Proficiency-based learning, educators provide kids with a vision about what is great about being an adult.”

Proficiency based, or mastery based learning–either of these keywords brings up a growing wealth of discussion leading beyond the macro-differentiation of many current blended learning programs and make entry into the world of micro-differentiation possible. If teachers could go beyond standards and into creating content that shows mastery, many students would follow.

Suddenly adults

RT @justintarte “We ask 18 yos to make huge decisions, when a month ago they had to ask to go to the bathroom.”

#EdChatRI quote

RT @deborahgist “”Great Ts move the minds of Ss along a path, prepare them & propel them into the future.”

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RT @EGHSPrincipalRI “Overcoming the common hurdles in the flipped classroom   via @dailygenius
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RT @rkiker “This is why the cloud and Chromebooks are winning – Abundance: Inexpensive Technology   #GoogleEDU”

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RT @rkiker “MIT to offer free online courses in game design, ed tech  ”

#FCC Internet For Schools

RT @rkiker #FCC: We challenge to YOU to support internet for schools! #EmpowerRI @BarackObama @SenWhitehouse @deborahgist @HollyWalshRI