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Last #edtechRI of year

RT @roshnimirchi “Save the Date! Last #EdTechRI Meetup of the year on Thurs. May 21st, 4-6 pm! Registration coming soon. #edchatri #FuseRI”

BookTrack Classroom gives reading a soundtrack!

ELA teachers, check out Peter Rabbit on @Booktrack – an app that adds audio & sound effects to text!

This reading app is very addictive!

1:1 is just one way to use tech

Sometimes you want students to share a device like adults would share a coffee table book: #1:1 #blendedlearning

Excited for #BWDLT growth

Thanks all #BWDLT members, excited to see what you will create!! And I’ve already heard of one Chromebook initiative–I hope they keep coming!

Blended Learning for Biology

Geniverse: narrative and adaptive online app for teaching genetics!

Formative Assessment–Daily!

RT @raebeags “The best tools for daily formative assessment:  .”

The Deviceless Among Us

RT @barbaratreacy “More on the Digital Divide: “When Students Can’t Go Online”  … #edtech #edchat #blendedlearning”

Universal Design for Learning

UDLRT @KarenJan “Seems like everyone’s heard of differentiated instruction. Why not UDL? #ATchat”

Chrome Stick

RT @EGHSPrincipalRI ” Google Chrome stick that turns any display into a PC #edtech #fuseri”

Posts brought to you by Zapier!

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an API interface service that allows users to connect apps via “zaps.” Many of the posts below are my Twitter posts ‘zapped’ over to my site via a WordPress plug-in. While it’s not always perfect, it is a great way to move content from one site to another automatically.

Why is this important to educators?

Teachers and districts should be aware of this growing technology trend, often dubbed ‘workflow automation.’ Workflow automation allows users to hand off repetitive tasks, like pushing content to a variety of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, to an API service. Another service similar to Zapier is “If This, Then That”. Other apps that can handle workflow automation are HootSuite, TweetDeck, Zapier and ITTT. These apps can help districts and small businesses avoid redundant work, while GAFE and scripts can reduce teachers’ administrative workload.