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Blended learning videos

Need videos of Blended Learning in action to inspire your PLC? Find hundreds of videos here:

RT @EdWeekTeacher “David B. Co

RT @EdWeekTeacher “David B. Cohen: Libraries and Librarians: Essential to Thriving Schools   #EWopinion @CohenD”

#FuseRI gets national attention

.@tvanderark says no other state has better partner in #blendedlearning than RI does in @HighlanderInst. I agree! Hibc15

Resource Share: Digital Learning Day

RT @edutopia “30+ Resources to Celebrate Digital Learning Day on 3/13:  . #DLDay”

Tech Factoid of the Day

Time to reach 50 million users:

Phone: 75 years
Radio: 38 yrs
TV: 13 yrs
Internet: 4 yrs
Angry Birds: 35 days


This is why when my 2009 MacBook dies for good, I won’t be replacing it with another one:

Post-Snowden: Privacy is Changing

RT @TechCrunch “Pew finds one-third of Americans have made privacy changes, post-Snowden  ”

GAFE Summit, Coventry

#gafesummit @PearDeck #SLAM !! Winner can draw their face when they win a free premium Pear Deck Subscription

Net Neutrality Ruling HERE!

BREAKING: FCC votes to pass new #NetNeutrality rules, protecting an open Internet

Digital Citizenship

RT @zaption “9 Traits of Good Digital Citizens | @markbarnes19  … #digcit #edchat”