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Bristol Warren & Barrington: going blended

See what leaders @BWAsstSupt @paula_dillon & @changeishard are doing to drive #BlendedLearning in #FuseRI! @EdSurge

RI is leading in Blended Learning

.@tvanderark: This approach is the most innovative planning process I’ve seen from a state or district @LearningAccel

Highlander’s new White Paper on Blended Learning

RT @ShawnCRubin “Have you read @HighlanderInst’s White Paper on improving district supports for #BlendeLearning?  ”

Excited for #BWDLT growth

Thanks all #BWDLT members, excited to see what you will create!! And I’ve already heard of one Chromebook initiative–I hope they keep coming!


And we have a tag! #BWDLT

K-12 deconstructed

RT @EricButash “Interesting! The Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher”

What’s the place of standards in Blended Learning?

RT @ShawnCRubin “”Are we looking at standards as a floor or a ceiling?” Great post on #BlendedLearning  #fuseri”