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10 ways to use Google Slides in classroom

10 ways to use Google Slides in classroom:

Instructional Design resources

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5 ways to blend for motivation

5 Ways to Gamify Your Blended Classroom to Motivate the Unmotivated #MTedchat #edchat #blendedlearning @BetterLesson

Blendedlearning in W. Warwick with Fuse RI

Great article on amazing #blendedlearning work happening in W. Warwick, RI! Well done @jmontiwwps & @WWPSSupt #FuseRI


New GAFE Add-on: Keywords

This app allows the teacher to create a list of keywords that appear to the right hand side of text (or images and charts) in a Google Doc. So while the student is reading on left, the keywords appear on right. Useful applications include research, adding notes/structure to a reading that’s above reading level, and others as suggested on blog post here.


Flip Your Lecture

Lecturing isn’t necessarily a dirty word; it’s functional if you plan it to be so.

#Flip your class with new guide by #Coursera

Interactive Guide to Making Flipped Videos for your class– Thanks @coursera !

Free Blended Learning Resource

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Proficiency based learning

“With Proficiency-based learning, educators provide kids with a vision about what is great about being an adult.”

Proficiency based, or mastery based learning–either of these keywords brings up a growing wealth of discussion leading beyond the macro-differentiation of many current blended learning programs and make entry into the world of micro-differentiation possible. If teachers could go beyond standards and into creating content that shows mastery, many students would follow.

Blended Learning Infographic


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