Many teachers of ELLs are frustrated by CASAS and GED testing, but not because of student’s English proficiency. Both tests are increasingly going to be online only-often an issue with older students and also younger students only familiar with mobile devices. How to assess students’ level of technology proficiency is new to many teachers, and … Read moreIC3

Map: Food & Entertainment near RIA

Here’s an example of an easy and useful little ‘tech’ project that anyone can pull off-using Google Maps to orient new students to their campus. For new students at Roosevelt International Academy, it may take awhile to find all that the East Side has to offer. So here’s my map below, along with an interactive … Read moreMap: Food & Entertainment near RIA

Annual ILSR dinner

Two ILSR students in my advanced class gave speeches today at annual dinner to over 300 people. They prepared for weeks for this event—they were lucky enough to have their message heard by the governor, heads of various labor unions, as well as all their ILSR classmates and teachers. Below are the two Sunday classes combined. Always … Read moreAnnual ILSR dinner