Map: Food & Entertainment near RIA

Here’s an example of an easy and useful little ‘tech’ project that anyone can pull off-using Google Maps to orient new students to their campus.

For new students at Roosevelt International Academy, it may take awhile to find all that the East Side has to offer. So here’s my map below, along with an interactive Google maps link, to which you can add destinations.

Add this Google Docs, and you could make this a collaborative project for a class.

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 2.24.33 PM-1


Places On Map
A. Downtown Providence
B. Point Street Dueling Pianos, 3 Davol Square
C. Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street
D. RISD Museum, 224 Benefit Street
E. Thayer Street (many shops and restaurants)
F. Gourmet Heaven, 205 Meeting Street
G. Fellini Pizzeria, 166 Wickenden Street
H. Sakura Restaurant, 231 Wickenden Street
I. Tokyo Restaurant, 388 Wickenden Street
J. India Point Park
L. Noodles 102, 102 Ives Street
M. Whole Food Market, 261 Waterman Street
N. East Side Marketplace, 165 Pitman Street


A. Downtown Providence: Small clothing shops, stylish shoes, gift shops, unique jewelry, luxury items for the home, art and paintings
Also: Providence Place Mall is nearby
E. Thayer Street: Small clothing shops, gift shops, art, some limited selection of shoes

C. Cable Car Cinema: Small cinema that shows only two or three films everyday, usually foreign or independent films
D. RISD Museum: World class museum with art from all over the world. Free on Sunday mornings
E. Thayer Street: Many bars, cafes, and shops
J. India Point Park: Place to go for a walk, sometimes has festivals



Food Shopping
F. Gourmet Heaven: food for college students
M. Whole Foods Market: Natural food market for people who are interested in organics
N. Eastside Marketplace: Family food market with variety of foods and selection



Thayer Street
Thayer Street is a great place for college students. Brown University and RISD students are often here. Here is a suggested list of places to try on Thayer Street:

1) Nice Slice Pizza: (267 Thayer St) pizza by the slice, cool artwork
2) Kabob and Curry (261 Thayer St) Indian food. Great buffet on Saturday and Sunday
3) East Side Pockets (278 Thayer St) Middle Eastern and Arabic food
4) Andreas (256 Thayer St) Greek food
5) Antonio’s Pizza (256 Thayer St) pizza by the slice
6) Kartabar (284 Thayer) bar and fusion food
7) Shanghai (272 Thayer) Chinese food, Middle Eastern owner
8) Johnny Rocket (269 Thayer) American food
9) Cafe Paragon (234 Thayer) Fusion food, bar and club on Fridays and Saturdays